Analysis of the urban heat islands effect in Skopje

Mishev, Kostadin and Trajanov, Dimitar (2017) Analysis of the urban heat islands effect in Skopje. In: PROCEEDINGS of the 14th Conference on Informatics and Information Technology. Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia, Skopje, Macedonia, pp. 45-48. ISBN 978-608-4699-07-1


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Heat islands is a popular effect which occurs metropolitan or urban areas. Due several physical factors, some areas are becoming significantly warmer than its surrounding. They own higher average temperature than its rural surroundings owing to the greater absorption, retention, and generation of heat by its buildings, pavements, and human activities. [1][2]. The temperature difference usually is larger at night than during the day, and is most apparent when winds are weak. UHI is most noticeable during the summer and winter [3]. By using a thermal cameras and paraglider, we try to recognize such heat islands in the area of Skopje recording its surface from the top view [5]. We are using Flir Vue Pro camera which detects the infrared portion of the magnetic spectrum presenting the current temperature of the recorded surface [6]. It enables calculation of the relative temperature between two points on image providing an information about the warmness of a single point relatively to another. The final result of each image recorded by such camera is a matrix of recorded temperatures of each point. Analysis of such matrix can provide information about the heated islands that virtually set apart of the other area concerning the temperature difference. Also, we took photos with RGB camera in the same time from the same area which provides additional information about the recorded objects to facilitate their recognition. In the paper we will provide additional information about the areas that can be concerned as heat islands in Skopje providing brief explanation about the reasons for their appearance by using the analysis of the thermal camera images. Such analysis can explain the reasons of the global warming in single points of view and provides possibilities of their reduction by following the concluded results.

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