It Aspects of the Application of Ontologies in Academic Digital Libraries

Kjurchievska, D. (2013) It Aspects of the Application of Ontologies in Academic Digital Libraries. In: Proceedings of the Tenth Conference on Informatics and Information Technology. Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia, Skopje, Macedonia, pp. 44-46. ISBN 978-608-4699-01-9


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The extensive development of digital libraries (DLs) over the last two decades is hardly surprising. Their uses significantly advance the speed of information access. In this point, the demand for digitization of paper based information into digital format is evolving. The recent development of DLs was based on the capability to hold and store a huge amount of digital data. Today we are facing with the challenge to resolve many problems such as interoperability due to heterogeneous data, knowledge for information discovery and partial automation. In such systems ontologies play a major role to cope with these problems. Within the context of academic digital libraries (ADLs), ontologies can be used to: (i) organizate bibliographic description (bibliographic ontology), (ii) represent and expose document contents (ontologies for context structures), (iii) share knowledge amongst users (community-aware ontologies). Otherwise, many authors suggest apply ontologies in knowledge management systems in order to improve information search and retrieval and in the same time transform any standard ADL into Semantic Academic DL. When we are talking about ADLs, it is important to mention the requisites of personalization systems which use all information relevant to the process of searching and browsing an ADL to build a complete navigation profile for each user and its semantic description by means of ontology. Then all those profiles are combined with the help of an ontology that establishes the possible relationships between all the elements present in some future scenario of use in ADL integrated in an e-learning environment. In this paper are present and discuss some application areas where ontologies have successfully been used in existing semantic digital library systems, but the same applications could be used in building of academic DL.

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